Big Data from Space 2023 Julia Tutorial

This is the website of the “Large Raster data handling with Julia tutorial” at the BiDS 2023 conference.

In this tutorial we will explore how to analyse raster data which is larger than RAM.


To participate in the hands-on parts of the tutorial please install Julia on your device. We recommend to use the juliaup installer for julia.

You can install juliaup via the windows store or by executing

winget install julia -s msstore

To install juliaup in Linux or Mac execute the following in a shell

curl -fsSL | sh


Time Topic
14:00 Introduction to Julia
14:30 Julia Geo Ecosystem
15:00 Raster Data Loading
15:30 Coffee Break
15:50 Raster data analysis
16:10 Hands-On Challenge

This timeline is purely approximative and given for indication purpose only. We will adjust depending on the audience. There will be additional breaks (5 minutes) regurlarly and time for questions during the workshop.

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